The Nameless

Green-eyed undead entity capable of possessing multiple bodies


The Nameless is capable of moving from body to body, and thus has no fixed physical description. If it was once alive, the appearance of it’s original body remains a mystery. But there are a few characteristics common to each physical body the Nameless takes. First of all, each body manifests eerie, glowing green eyes. Secondly, each possessed body immediately begins to decay as soon as the Nameless moves into it, although the rate of decay varies widely, for unknown reasons.


The Nameless first appeared near the village of Heightroad, in the northern reaches of Damara. Early survivors of it’s initial attack reported that the entity seemed somewhat clumsy and confused, as if it was having trouble controlling the bodies it possessed. Others also noted that they quickly forgot the names and even personal details of any individual possessed by the Nameless. Some side effect of the possession appears to literally erase all details of the possessed being from memory and history. Even written works referring to (or written by) the possessed slowly turn blank.

The Nameless

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