An old evil rises in Damara

In the far northern regions of the Forgotten Realms, a mysterious green-eyed entity is raising an army of the undead—and stranger things!—to conquer the Bloodstone Lands. With every life the Nameless claims, history and memory begin to unravel. To oppose this otherworldy force, a small group of pious adventurers must uncover the legend behind the Nameless, before it re-writes reality itself!

Welcome to our Campaign!

Welcome, players! I’m pleased to have you as part of our game. Take a moment to browse through the links below, and drop me a line (or post in the forums) if you have any questions!

  • The Social Contract of Our Game – Basic stuff, such as our gaming schedule and character creation guidelines, mixed in with more abstract stuff, such as how we expect to play and what behaviors we can expect from one another
  • The Characters – The main personas inhabiting our story: your characters!
  • Other People – Other significant supporting characters in the world; allies, enemies, and others.
  • The Story Thus Far… – A handy guide to the sessions that we’ve played, and occasional foreshadowing as to the plots of future sessions
  • Useful Player Resources – A wide variety of useful links to helpful websites. Please feel free to add more!

Return of the Nameless

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